Hypnotica's Gig Reviews: 1980's

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My favourite decade! and where my obsession with electronic music went into overdrive...

Looking back on my gig history, despite being an avid listener and collector of all types of electronic music (Synthpop, Electro, Berlin school Electronica, 80's electronic dance music, Industrial etc etc) at that time, I didn't seem to make much of an effort to see the bands I loved 'live'. I guess I was just 'slightly' too young to go gigging in the early 80's

By the 'mid' 1980's I was ready to hit the live scene but by then the heyday of Synthpop bands was already on the decline so I'd missed out on many of the classic tours (Kraftwerk 1981 for instance)

Not sure why, as I have always liked almost 'every' genre within electronic music (I just love the sound of Synths!) but for some reason my sole gigging history for the 1980's seems to be entirely pure instrumental 'Synth music' bands and festivals.

Not that I have any regrets about those gigs (some remain my all time favourite ones e.g. TD '86 tour) but I 'wish' I had made more effort to go and see some of the brilliant 'Synthpop' bands 'actually in' the 80's - something I regret very much to this day.

As these gigs were a long time ago, the reviews may not be that long as it's all done retrospectively, but I do have some cool memorabilia so there should be some interesting pics to look at (eventually!)