History of Electronica

'My' journey into Electronica

Here's my personal voyage of musical discovery in all it's glory. I try to detail the music influenced 'me' the most and what were the key groups and genres that led the way for the current wave of Electronica as I see it so It will be in the order I discovered it not always strictly chronological

Record sales aside, it's hard to say with any certainty which records are 'the most' influential globally - especially as musical taste is a matter of opinion. Trends also take off at different times and places - it's very organic the way music spreads so I tend to take claims of 'the' first electronic record ever and the like, with a pinch of salt.

Therefore, this is 'my' journey, and although I have tried hard to buy every electronic record ever released - It's not humanly possible so there will be omissions - please forgive me!

Saying that, being a self-confessed Electronic Music anorak I should have most bases covered :-)

If you think there's something amazing I've missed or a rarity I should own however, then feel free to get in touch, I love discovering new music      

I've also just started adding photos of my collection (see opposite). Conclusive proof of my obsession I believe...



SORRY! Not quite finished yet but thanks for looking, please check back again


Hypnotica's Music Collection