To 'Electronic Music' fans everywhere!
I have been listening to and collecting Electronic Music since about 1979 and making music as 'Hypnotica' since 1990, so I thought it was time to add a new dimension to my website - my musical journey so far...

My 'History of Electronica' shows what it was like to grow up obsessed with Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, 80's Synthpop, Electro, Techno, Ambient, Funk, House & much more. It's a huge project so I have decided to start with my Top 10's which are a good indicator of the music that will be covered in detail when it's finished.

In the meantime there's Music downloads, Mixes, Gig reviews, Photos & updates on the projects I'm working on

Despite how people endlessly categorise Electronic music all that matters to me is whether it sounds good or not so....

"Turn off the light, take a deep breath and relax"

Dec '12

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