Hypnotica's Gig Reviews: 1990's

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Looking back, I think I should also have gone to a lot more gigs in the 1990's. There were plenty of good bands touring and I was in the prime of my youth so I'm not sure why I went to so few (being a student I probably spent too much time in pubs and clubs!)

The long disbanded 'Lotus Records' organised Electronic music festivals or 'Electronica's were succeeded in the 90's by the 'Electronic Music and Musicians Association' or 'EMMA' festivals.

I knew Les May of 'Midas Records' in Derby well at the time and despite his stalwart efforts, a reasonable following and promotion / support by BBC Radio Derby, that too was another electronic music venture that is sadly no more. At least I was lucky enough to attend most if not all the events they held.

For me, the 90's also saw the start of going to big 'Dance Music' festivals. I shall never forget dancing to 'full on' techno being dished out by Sven Vath at 5am as the sun was coming up through the opening in the tent - awesome!

'Orbital' also stand out as being one of the best live acts I've ever seen - amazing, and I'm really pleased I got to see them several times before they packed it in

It'll take a while to complete this section but there's some interesting memorabilia to accompany it so should be worth the wait!