Hypnotica's Gig Reviews: 2000's

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My gigging calendar certainly has got busier since 2000 and I am now probably averaging about 5 gigs a year.

Most of the gigs are of course not new bands though! mainly the same bands I have always followed who are either still touring reasonably regularly or ones that have come back for a 'comeback' or anniversary tour...

Pretty much the only 'recent' groups I have seen are 'Trademark' and 'Ulrich Schnauss', not sure I can include 'The Orb' as they have been around a while!

A lot of the 'new' music I listen to now is by 'Unsigned groups' scattered around the world - none of which tour the UK that often. Similarly, 'Ambient' groups rarely tour and 'Deep House' tracks I hear on 'Web Radio' are often by one hit wonders. 'Dance music' groups don't often turn out to be album bands

Still, if anything interesting comes up I'm certainly willing to give it a try!

Hope you enjoy this section