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  1. Electro Beach (Album) Review by Dene Bebbington (from the Melliflua website )April 2005
  2. Electro Beach (Album) Review by Andy Garibaldi (from CD Services Glasgow)
  3. Electro Beach (Album) Review by Luke Harris (from
  4. Infinite (Album) Review by Luke Harris (from

Electro Beach (Album) Review by Dene Bebbington (from the Melliflua website )April 2005
This second self-released album by Mat Mckenzie (aka Hypnotica) does indeed feature some fairly hypnotic beats as the website address and recording name suggest. His musical influences are wide, encompassing several genres from Berlin school and 1980s synth pop to trance, house, and downtempo. Many of those influences are noticeable on Electro Beach, though somehow the album hangs together well with the common factor being that nearly all the tracks are generally upbeat and rhythmic. Even though there's a lot of rhythm and beats going on, one thing that's apparent is how Mat manages to do it melodically even when the track is not overtly a catchy tune. There are thirteen distinct tracks on the album, all apart from the last one (the title track) being named from an hour of the day. Most are in the three to six minute region. The opening track "06 AM" sets the mood that is to continue to the penultimate track - namely musical structures that convey a sense of a carefree atmosphere. The second track "07 AM" is my favourite, it has a couple of great lead melodies worthy of the best synth pop, and interestingly the electric piano tone of the simple repeated melody made me think of what Gary Numan's music in "Down in the Park" might sound like speeded up.
Bringing the day at the electro beach to a close is the title (and longest) track. Beginning with a squidgy and slow moving sequence we hear synthetic lapping waves and bird calls in the background as a tribal kind of drum beat comes in. The piece evolves to include a tweety refrain before eventually fading out with wave sounds, the occasional bird call, and a simple twittering farewell tune.
To sum up I'd say that Electro Beach falls into the category of happy music, just as the cover art suggests this would be good music to play on a sunny bother free day at the beach. If you're after something modern, undemanding, and with some nostalgic sensibilities then this album should easily fit the bill.
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Electro Beach (Album) Review by Andy Garibaldi (from CD Services Glasgow)
Yes - I can see what he's getting at here - his website contains the line "hypnotic beats" - and this plus the project name, gives a clear indication where the core of this music lies, and that is in the rhythm department. This CD is over 72 minutes long, with thirteen tracks, and there is no way you can do a track-by-track appraisal - you'd be here all day. Safe to say, it falls squarely in the land of the techno-beats, with hard and fast, even hard and slower, electro-percussive beats and rhythms that are generally way up front in the mix, acting almost as an alternative lead to the actual melodic passages that fly on top. Every track is pretty well built on a lone of foundation rhythms, multi-tracked beats, with al manner of synths-played tunes and effects darting around, soaring on top of or simply flying alongside the core rhythmic heart of the compositions. The guy certainly knows how to arrange the pieces, with track 12 having a really solid, almost industrial feel to it, while something like track 6 possessing a much lighter, airy, summery feel to it, as it starts with soaring synths then eventually adds a bouncy but solid set of electro-percussive beats, sequencer-like synths and conveys an almost melodic acid-trance style to the piece. The ghost of acid-trance is felt and seen in many places along the way, but without ever really taking off in the way that particular style tends to go. Some of the bass rhythms are just sublime - witness the floor-pounding intro to track seven as an example of this - while a few of the more percussive beats do occasionally tend to sound like a Woolworths drum machine, but thankfully rarely. As an example of melodic trance/techno-blissful beats, chilled-out ambience and uptempo tunes, it has a lot going for it, although whether it's going to rise above others in the genre, only time will tell. But for now, I think the melodies carry it well across an audience of meaty beaty techno-tribes and set-in-their-ways synth seekers. The more you play it, the more addictive it becomes - hence the name, I guess. Worth a shot!!!
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Electro Beach (Album) Review by Luke Harris (from
CDR. Second self produced CD from UK electronic act Hypnotica. ''Electro Beach'' shows a great improvement in sound design and attention to detail with its seamless fusing of instrumental laid back ambient synth grooves with melodic dance rhythms. With tracks varying between 3 and 8 minutes ''Electro Beach'' delivers a great late night listening expierience - this time incorporating some uptempo techno soundscapes into the mix and thereby adding variety to the overall sound. With obligatory nods towards long time inspirators Tangerine Dream ( track 4, track 8 ), Kraftwerk ( track 7, track 12 ) and Orbital ( track 10 ) ''Electro Beach'' comes recommended to all fans of sometimes sparse, chilling, sublime electronics with warm melodies and uncluttered production.
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Infinite (Album) Review by Luke Harris (from
CDR. Professionally produced album of contemporary, modern instrumental electonica from UK act Hypnotica. Overall 13 tracks of melodic electronic soundscapes, utilizing sequencer rhythms, lush synth backdrops, ethereal arrangements and undulating basslines. Essential, late night listening ambience interspesed with well placed samples and tight programming. For fans of melodic electronica with a dreamy edge. Comes with professionally produced full colour artwork and sleeve notes.
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