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90's German Techno

01   Master Program
Hallo (Listen To The Program) (1991)
02   Negrosex
Tekno La Droga (1991)
03   Pornotanz
CySex" (1991)
04   Ocular
Das Karussell (1990)
05   Konzept
Hypnautic Beats (1990)
06   Voi
Schwingungen (1991)
07   Robotiko Rejekto
Rejekto (1987)
08   Hypnopedia
Hypnopedia" (1989)
09   Metropolis
Time Of War (1991)
10   Blind Vision
Don't Look At Me (1990)














Various - Technopolis 4

'The Germans do Techno best', I don't know why they just do!

In my book, 'Kraftwerk' invented 'Techno' and the bands shown opposite and the labels they were on continued the tradition. More on that in my History of Electronica...

All of these tracks are brilliant -Clinical, powerful, dark, robotic Techno beats with Vocoders and bright bleepy sequencer lines

Nightmare having to choose between these but my Top 3, 'Hallo', 'Das Karussell' and  'Tekno La Droga' - awesome