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It should be obvious but any official photos of groups, album covers, press photo's, extracts from magazines and other interesting memorabilia that is dotted around this site remains property of the original copyright holder and is only used here to promote those groups and to show interesting items to people who may not have seen them before or are hard to find on the web.  

With that in mind, they should not be copied and used elsewhere.

I have deliberately kept the picture quality low in the hope that groups or labels won't have a problem with them being on this site. If they do 'get in touch' I will happily remove them but to be honest it's free publicity so I don't see why they would want that

As for my photos, they are streamed using the Slide application but are also hosted on Flickr so in effect they are in the public domain.

The same goes for the music that I make available for download here or elsewhere - they are now 'out in the wild', but if you do want to use either my photos or my music elsewhere, I would appreciate being credited for them and a link to this website :-)

Any official releases of my music (e.g. full album's) should not be copied and distributed via P2P - please support a poor artist and buy the Albums - I can then afford to get some new gear!

Thanks a lot